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The Ultimate Gift: NJ Sharing Network

By Breanne McCarthy | October 30, 2015 | Appears in the November 2015 issue

An unexpected trauma has occurred. The medical team has done its best for the patient, but all hope is lost. With recovery ruled out, organ donation becomes a possibility. That’s when the Sharing Network steps in.

It was just another humid day in August, but Dr. Randall “Randy” Marc Giles was on top of the world.

The 43-year-old father of three was about to open a private surgical practice in Wayne. He had stopped at a friend’s house after unloading boxes at his new office when he started to feel funny; his speech was beginning to slur and his facial muscles weakened. A surgeon for a decade, he knew these were warning signs of a stroke. He needed to get to a hospital immediately.

An ambulance brought Randy to the emergency room at the Valley Hospital in Ridgewood. He went straight into surgery, but despite a neurosurgeon’s best efforts, Randy could not be saved. He had suffered from an intracerebral hemorrhage—a stroke in the brain most likely caused by hypertension. The family was told that Randy was being kept alive on ventilators because he was a registered organ donor. …

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